Classical Ballet Training... Where Strength Meets Beauty and Grace

The Coastal Chamber Youth Ballet Company's mission is to train, inspire and nurture young dancers toward artistic excellence.  It is our goal to bring the art of dance, through professional-quality performances and outreach efforts, to new multi-generational audiences, providing them the opportunity to learn about and gain a greater appreciation for the art of dance. We strive to prepare and present our dancers in works that epitomize the artistry of professional ballet and instill a life-long love of dance, sending them into the future with self-confidence, discipline, creativity and self-respect.

(Photos Courtesy of Tracy Waitkus Photography)

Learn more about our 2018 Company Dancers below!

Senior Company

Hannah Dailey

Sponsored by Dad, Mom and Ian

Hannah started dancing at the age of two and her love for dance has not wavered since. She started dancing at Coastal Dance and Music Academy six years ago and is thrilled to be involved with so many wonderful instructors and fellow students. She is currently training in Ballet, Pointe, Tap, Jazz, and Contemporary. She was a member of Dance Out Loud, the performance troupe at CDMA, for 4 years, and is currently in her third year of performing with Synergy, the CDMA teen dance troupe. After completing three years of CDMA's "Dance Teacher Training" program, Hannah received her certificate of completion and is now a student teacher at CDMA. She has recently started teaching dance classes and loves teaching the younger students. Her passion for dance keeps her enthusiastic for the many hours of dance she participates in each week. Hannah has been en pointe for four years. Some of her favorite roles in Babes in Toyland include: Firefly, Flower Queen, Bo Peep, Forest Queen and most recently Mary. She is now a Senior Company member with CCYB, which is a dream come true.

“It is so amazing to be a part of a company where there is so much support and encouragement. All of the dancers and teachers have become like family. CCYB offers so many great opportunities for us. I am so grateful for all the wonderful teachers and for my dance family.”

Verity Lai

Sponsored by Judy and Hardy Hearn

Verity has been dancing with Coastal Dance and Music Academy for about ten years and has had the honor of joining Coastal Chamber Youth Ballet for four years. She also participated in all nine years of the annual ballet, Babes in Toyland. She has danced several roles, from a little Lion to Wind-Up Doll. She has also had the privilege of taking master classes from Alonzo King, Jennifer Tinsley-Williams, and several other amazing dancers. Verity was previously involved with CDMA's performance troupe, Dance Out Loud, but now is in their teen troupe, Synergy. She hopes to continue dancing for as long a possible. "I feel very honored to be a Company member with the Coastal Chamber Youth Ballet. I admire my teachers and I love my friends and fellow dancers.”

Samantha McNeill

Sponsored by Lorraine Spargo

Samantha started dancing when she was three years old in San Luis Obispo. She has studied in Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Pointe, Tap, Hip Hop, Contemporary Pointe and Partnering. As a young dancer, she took classes at the Academy of Dance, and was in a performance dance troop at Central Coast Gymnastics. Samantha took part in two years of competition dance at the Studio of Performing Arts in the Village of Arroyo Grande. After four years with SOPA, she transferred to Coastal Dance and Music Academy. She was thrilled to join the Coastal Chamber Youth Ballet when she was 12 years old. Over the years, she has participated in many spring performances and holiday  shows, including The Grinch That Stole Christmas, 'Twas the Night Before Christmas, and Babes In Toyland. In these shows she has danced as Raggedy Andy, the Marionette Doll, a Firefly, a Forest Fairy, a Flower Maid, and one of the Three Blind Mice. She danced the lead role, Mary Contrary in Babes in Toyland in 2015, and performed a solo of variations from Coppelia this past spring at the PAC. Sam is also a member of CDMA's Synergy Dance Company, and she has assisted and performed with the Beyond Boundaries Program. Samantha has taken master classes from the Dance Theater of Harlem, The Edge, Ballet X, and the Moscow Festival Ballet, with the youth company at State Street Ballet, and summer intensives with Ballet Arte, Lisa Deyo, and most recently with New York City Ballet dancer, Jennifer Tinsley-Williams. Samantha  is excited to continue dancing with CCYB.

"Being a part of the CCYB company has been one of the best things in my dancing journey. It has helped me achieve goals I never thought I could."

Sarah Vasquez

Sponsored by Central Coast Auto & Diesel 

Sarah's love for dance began in 2008 at the age of 6. Since then, dance has played a huge part in her life. She has been actively training, dancing five days a week, at Coastal Dance and Music Academy; where she studies Pointe, Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary and Hip Hop. Sarah has been a member of CDMA's Performance troupe, Dance Out Loud, since she started dance at CDMA. Performance troupes include, Happy Feet, Razzle Dazzle, Ain't Misbehavin', Anything Goes and All that Jazz. Sarah is currently a member of CDMA's Dance Company, Synergy. Sarah was also involved in the Dance Teacher Training program and the work study program at CDMA and graduated in June as a certified student teacher and is currently employed with CDMA as a student instructor. Sarah was accepted into Coastal Chamber Youth Ballet as an apprentice dancer in 2013 and is currently a Senior Member. Sarah has performed in Coastal Chamber Youth Ballet's Babes in Toyland, since it's first production in 2008. Her roles have included Lion, School Child, Floppy Doll, Jill, Flower Garland, Soldier, Russian Dancer, Forest Fairy, Three Blind Mice, Raven, Miss Muffet, Wind up Doll and the Cat and the Fiddler. In this years 10th Anniversay of Babes in Toyland, Sarah will be dancing the new role of Goldilocks, Raven and Flower Maid, Sarah also performed in CCYB's Carnival of the Animals, as the Animal Tamer. Sarah has also had the privilege of taking several ballet intensives with Julianna Vorkink as well as Master classes with Virginia Johnson of Dance Theater of Harlem, Moscow Festival Ballet, and Santa Barbara's State Street Ballet's Youth Company. She has also participated in Master Tap classes and intensives with Leah Kolb and Marissa Williams.

"My friends and instructors at CDMA are my family. I love to dance and I know the commitment and effort I put into it now will continue to benefit me for the rest of my life”

Junior Company

Isabela Muguira

Sponsored by Dan and Sally Deveraux

Isabela started dancing when she was just 2 years old and has never been able to stop. Although due to a serious hip injury she had to take a break about two summers ago, but that did not stop her. During her break she worked on strengthening her hip so she could come back to the studio stronger than ever. She missed dancing so much but knew that it wouldn’t be safe if she went back to dancing right away. After her recovery she went back to dancing about 11 hours a week so she could be strong enough for an important audition coming up. The audition was for a summer intensive with The Joffrey Ballet School. After the audition she felt like she did very well and ended up getting a 60% scholarship. She says it was one of the most inspiring things she has ever done and definitely helped her realize that she wants dance to always be a part of her life. She thanks Coastal Dance and Music Academy for teaching her everything she knows and for helping her get into the Joffrey intensive. Isabela has been dancing with us for 9 years and loves the teachers and family that she has at the studio. In that 9 years, Isabela has participated in 9 Babes in Toyland, and her favorite roles are Jill, French Doll, Marionette Doll, Firefly, Wind Up Doll, and Miss Muffet.

“Although something can set you back don’t let it ruin what you had planned for the future and do your best to work harder than you did the day before.”

Emily Osburn

Sponsored by Judy and Hardy Hearn

Emily love of dance began when she was three years old, but didn’t start training in ballet until she was eleven. And although her dance journey didn’t start there, her greatest joy in her dance life was making her way to be a part of the family at Coastal Dance and Music Academy in 2012. At CDMA, Emily loves taking ballet classes and learning what it means to not only be a dancer, but a performer and lover of the arts. Now, Emily has been dancing at CDMA for five years, and has been en pointe for four and a half years. Throughout her dance training, Emily has taken company classes at State Street Ballet, master classes at Ballet Theater SLO and the Laguna Beach Dance Festival, and wants to take many, many more in the future. Emily was one of the original Pre-Company members, and is so excited to be a part of the Coastal Chamber Youth Ballet, as a junior member, this year. Emily has been a Phantom, a Firefly, a Fairy, a Blind Mouse, a Flower Maid, a Raven, and the Big Bad Wolf in CCYB’s production of Babes in Toyland and is excited to help create even more amazing shows that have yet to come!

“I am so excited to be dancing at CDMA! I feel like it’s changed my life, for the better!”


Catherine Edlebeck

Sponsored by
Kiwanis of Greater Pismo Beach Foundation

Catherine first began dancing in 2009 at the age of four. At that time she did ballet, tap, and jazz. She also participated in the third Babes in Toyland playing the role of an elf. It was a few months before she turned seven, in 2011, that she quit dance, with no intention of returning, to try other sports such as gymnastics, basketball, and soccer. Eventually, though, she found her way back to dance in 2014, but not yet ballet. She did hip-hop for several months until she decided she wanted to explore other dance styles. From the very first ballet class back, Catherine fell in love. She continued with ballet exclusively and kept adding more and more hours every couple of months. She got en pointe in the April of 2016. She now does ballet and contemporary and has taken a variety of master classes including the summer intensive with Jennifer Tinsley-Williams, former New York City Ballet soloist. In all, Catherine has performed in Babes in Toyland as an elf, floppy doll, firefly, and now a fairy and a flower maid. Though she has not been in any performance troupes, Catherine was recently accepted into Coastal Chamber Youth Ballet as an apprentice dancer. She says she has already made several wonderful memories and hopes to make many more.

“Dancing is such an important part of my life. It’s such a powerful way of expressing myself and I don’t have to think about the weight of the day or something that has happened recently, I just dance. Also, being around such amazing people, both teachers and students, has played an important role in forming the person I am today. I honestly do not know where I would be if I had never started dancing.”

Odessa Laurie

Sponsored by Dan and Sally Deveraux

Odessa Laurie started dancing when she was 10 in October 2014. Now it has been three whole years. Since then, she has performed in three studio showcases, Coastal Youth Theatre’s Alice in Wonderland, Coastal Chamber Youth Ballet’s Babes in Toyland in 2015 and 2016, playing a Dutch Doll and a Friend, and danced in CCYB’s showcase as a pre-company member in the spring of 2017, as well as and many local venues with Dance Out Loud. She has taken a week long workshop with former New York City Ballet soloist Jennifer Tinsley Williams, and class at San Luis Obispo Movement Arts Center and at Steps on Broadway in New York City. She trains regularly under Bryhanna Cross, Rachel Dodson, Brianna Deveraux, and Tara Behnke, and has taken class from many other instructors like Chie Evans and Molly Mckiernan. Now she is in DOL’s performance troupe All That Jazz, and is an Apprentice in Coastal Chamber Youth Ballet, playing the parts of a Fairy and a Flower Maid in Babes in Toyland 2017. She loves how strong of connections people make through CDMA and CPAF, and the unique camaraderie that forms from taking part in the safe and friendly environment at the studio. Even though she started later than many dancers her age and class level, she has felt so welcomed into the dance community and studio home, and feels very happy with the direction that Coastal Dance and Music Academy is going, with making classes and companies more skill based, rather than age or years, so that more dancers can feel accepted and be able to learn at their own pace.

“Over time, I've dedicated so much of myself to dancing, performing, and doing other activities related to dance that I hadn't even stopped to notice how awesome it is to be training seriously, but not too intensely, so that I can still have other hobbies and passions, with very knowledgeable teachers, and a diversity of fellow dancers at an amazing facility with a highly respectable mission. I'm just very grateful for everything CDMA has done for me and it pushes me to work very hard and give back.”

Elspeth Lai

Sponsored by Judy and Hardy Hearn

Elspeth started dancing at the age of 3 in Kathy’s garage. She got into dancing when her sister started, and has loved it ever since. Elspeth was in Dance Out Loud, CDMA’s performance troupe, for 8 years and is now in CDMA’s teen performance troupe, Synergy. She has also been in the Dance Teacher Training program for 2 years and hopes to continue for another year. Elspeth has been recently accepted into Coastal Chamber Youth Ballet as an apprentice in company. She has also performed in all of the annual productions of Babes In Toyland, which started in 2008. Her roles included Story Hour Child, Sheep, Lion, Floppy Doll, Ghoul, Toymaker’s Assistant, Hansel, Rodrigo, Soldier, and this year she is a Forest Nymph, and a Flower Maid. Elspeth is excited to be starting off a new decade of Babes In Toyland’s with her ballet family. She aspires to continue dancing for as long as possible, for dance will give her many wonderful opportunities in her lifetime.

“I have had such an amazing time dancing with my friends, who are close enough that I may call them family. Coastal Chamber Youth Ballet has provided me with strength and support since I was young, and I would hope that I have the chance to keep dancing for a long time."


Dancers: (left to right)

Back Row: Sedona Fugitt, Jayme Dunn, Ashlynn Pierce, Maddie Kaiser, Danielle Watkins, Morgan McTighe

Front Row: Jessica McNeill, Lauren Neff, Elena Gonzalez, Jamison Steil, Samantha Murphy