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This page will be regularly updated with all the need to know CCYB and support cast dancer information regarding events, performances and more! 

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Rehearsal Calendar & Groups

Please look carefully at the Groups Page first

  • Identify your role(s) for example "Lion"
  • Look through ALL of the groups on the entire page and highlight each group you role(s) falls under
  • Look at the rehearsal calendar to find your rehearsal times
  • Highlight on the calendar wherever you have a rehearsal time
  • Important: there are individual rehearsals as well (see right hand side of groups page)
  • If in doubt, Call ahead of time and we will help you!!

GOOGLE - Calendar Options

  • We have the option of sharing our rehearsal calendar with you using Google Calendar. Keeping updated using this option allows you to receive any changes/additions instantaneously. You must have a Google account to access the calendar online at (highly recommended!!!).  

  • Please email if you would like to sign-up for this option.

Stage makeup is critical for even the smallest dancer. Why? Because the lighting on stage creates shadows on a persons face. If makeup is not worn correctly, this results in the face looking completely washed-out from the audience.

(Watch the videos below )
Short tutorials on applying stage makeup & creating a ballet bun.


  • It takes an extraordinary amount of time and effort to put on a production the magnitude of Babes in Toyland. All families are required to volunteer a minimum of 10 hours to support our production. We understand that it is not easy for every family to find the time to volunteer. There are several volunteer jobs that can easily be done at home or outside the studio.

    Please click on the button below to access our Sign Up Genius that will allow you to look over the list of jobs and choose something that fits your interests and abilities.

    If you are unable to help, there is a buy-out option. Managing Director Bronwyn Keith will be happy to answer any questions if you are unsure of a volunteer job description or if you would like more information on the buy-out option. (805) 489-5648

Thank you so much for all of your support!

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