Providing Youth of the Central Coast Excellence in Classical Ballet Training & Performing

Coastal Chamber Youth Ballet provides an opportunity for intermediate and advanced dancers top notch training, performance experiences, and enrichment opportunities. Each year the Coastal Chamber Youth Ballet Company is proud to present San Luis Obispo County with their annual holiday production of Babes in Toyland, as well as community outreach and scholarships.

     Requirements for Admittance

Admittance to the Coastal Chamber Youth Ballet Company is through the audition process. Requirement are as follows:

• Dancers must be age 11 by December 31st to audition to be a part of the CCYB company or Pre company.

• Dancers must dance at an intermediate to advanced level of skill.

• Auditions for Senior Company, Junior Company, Apprentice and Pre Company positions are held in July.

• Contracts run September 1st through August 31st.

Founding Charter Members

Without the Generosity and support of our charter members, CCYB would still only be just a dream.

Steve & Tara Behnke

Byington & Sue Campbell

Bernice A. Flood

Brent & Shannon Freeby

Anne Gaebe Hall

Michael & Victoria Lai

Joan McKenna in memory of Miss Annette

James McKiernan & Family

Bill & Carol Rust

Brad & Kathy Schultz

K. Steves

The Waitkus Family

Class Requirements

Dancers are required to attend the following classes on a weekly and consistent basis.

  • CCYB Company Class
  • CCYB Repertory Class
  • At least on other Ballet Class each week
  • A Pre-Point or Pointe Class

3 Support Classes each week as follows:

  • Ballet - recommended level
  • Pointe - recommended level
  • Additional Ballet Classes (recommended level or teacher approval needed)
  • Additional Pointe Class (recommended level or teacher approval needed)
  • Contemporary 2 or 3 (teacher approval needed)
  • Ballet Technique
  • Leaps & Turns

CCYB Pre Company

We are now offering the opportunity to train for admittance into the Coastal Chamber Youth Ballet Company in our Pre-Company class to students ages 11 and above (must be age 11 by December 31). This class meets for one hour, once per week. Dancers will have the unique opportunity to train with several different instructors throughout the year. Pre Company perks include a professional group photo shoot, listed and pictured on our website and in production programs, Board approved scholarships to attend CDMA’s ballet intensive, and involvement in CDMA’s studio showcase. Audition required for admittance into the class. Auditions are held in July. For more information, pleas call 489-5648.


Vacations and time off to accommodate personal special events must be arranged well in advance with, and approved in writing by the Executive Producer. Dancers who are unable to attend a rehearsal, or performance due to illness or personal matters must obtain approval from the Artistic Director and/or Choreographer by filling out an absence form as well as a phone call or email to the Executive Producer (489-5648).  Dancers unable to attend any of the required CCYB classes due to illness, or personal business must fill out an absence form and call 489-5648 BEFORE MISSING CLASS to obtain an excused absence.  All excused absences to class or rehearsal MUST ALSO be written on the Company Calendar in Studio A. 

Unexcused absences from, or excessive tardiness to, CCYB required classes, rehearsals, theater warm-ups, performances, or events will result in *probationary status (*unable to attend CCYB events/performances).  Think of yourself as a vital and essential “ingredient” to the CCYB “recipe”.  Absences compromise not only your personal training and performance but adversely affect your fellow dancers who are dependent upon your presence choreographically and in all staging/blocking requirements. CCYB dancers will be permitted 5 excused (illness, family emergency, “once in a lifetime opportunities”) absences in Advanced Technique (Company Class). If a CCYB dancer is injured, we ask that he or she still attend class so that necessary choreography can be learned by marking or watching. You may miss no more than three Advanced Technique (Company Class) classes in a row. Consistent tardiness or lack of preparedness will result in a dancer being marked absent. Any behaviors directly affecting a dancer’s ability to train, rehearse or perform will result in immediate probationary status or dismissal from the Company.  Dancers will be notified in writing of their probationary status and will then be monitored closely for a period of three months.  Following the probationary period, the dancer may be reinstated to previous status, demoted or dismissed from the Company.

You can download the form below.

Absence Notice

Thank you so much for all of your support!

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